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Web Design & Development

Beautiful website design is great, but most importantly it must address the needs of your visitors and potential customers. They are on your site looking for a solution to their problems and you need to provide an engaging and intuitive user experience to attract sales leads.

We can create a beautiful website to help you get online and communicate with your customers. Whether it be booking appointments, purchasing memberships & services or selling goods.

Mobile App Development Services

We can create a beautiful mobile app, so your customers can reach you with ease simply using their mobile phone.

We have created apps for booking services, delivery services, memberships and much more.

Zoom Setup

Zoom is a free conferencing technology that will allow you to remotely connect with your customers.

This gives you the power to connect with your customers from anywhere in the world and expand your customer base. We can setup Zoom for you as part of our varied packages.

Other Services

Social media

We can create an online presence for you using social media, this is a great way to grow your business online. We provide set up for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.


Being able to sell your products online is one of the best ways to grow your business through digital means. We can set you up with a fully functioning e-commerce website with which to sell your products.

Help & Support

We provide complete 1-2-1 set up sessions with all our clients, to train you with all of your new online tools that will help grow your business.


Design is our speciality, we create websites & apps that are in keeping with your brand and that your customers will find engaging.


We try to develop your online presenece as quickly as possible, so you can get your business going in the digital space.


We provide tips & guidance on the best ways to market your business online once you have been setup with your new online tools.


Meet The Team

Shae Hadcroft
Head of Operations

Shae, as Head of Operations, orchestrates seamless workflows and fosters efficiency, ensuring every aspect of our digital marketing agency runs optimally.

Alessio Gangi

Ceo & Head of Sales

Alessio is a dynamic CEO, spearheads our digital marketing agency with passion and expertise, driving unparalleled growth and innovation in the industry.

Frederick Nielsen

Creative Director

Frederick, as Creative Director, infuses our digital marketing agency with bold creativity and visionary ideas, shaping compelling campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results.

What Clients Say

AXY Digital Agency helped me to get my business up and running online. I run a Dance class and AXY Digital Agency set me up with a booking site to allow my customers to book in for classes, they set me up with Zoom so I can run my dance classes from home and also a membership website so my students can pay monthly to watch the dance lessons back! AXY Digital Agency have been a pleasure to work with.
Marcus Allard
Dance Instructor